Summer Festival - Truth Talk Stage


10:00 AM
Denise Forney & the Forney Family
Denise Forney &
the Forney Family

"Criss Cross Applesauce"
Denise Forney & her three children (ages 5, 8 & 10) will entertain the young - and the young at heart - with their special brand of music that teaches while it gets your feet moving, hands clapping, etc!

11:00 AM
Jeremy Willet
Jeremy Willet


"The mission of Willet"
Jeremy is the lead singer for WILLET and Co-founder of The Hunger Strike. In January of 2010, the unexpected happened. A massive earthquake hit the country of Haiti while his wife, Kathleen Willet was in the country. Thankfully, Kathleen was unharmed, but this prompted Jeremy and Kathleen to live in Haiti from 2009-2010 where Kathleen served as the Community Development Program coordinator. Jeremy traveled back and forth to the U.S. to tour with the band and to encourage sponsorship of the children through Food for the Hungry. Kathleen now serves in Uganda, Africa as a missionary and the couple has started the process of adopting a boy from Ethiopia.

12:00 PM
Live From the Path
Live From the Path


Don't miss this fun, interactive opportunity to watch a "live version" of Live From the Path - an internet radio show that broadcasts Monday nights from 10-Midnight. Ben, Mike & Dan are among the strangest people you'll ever meet with their off-the-wall humor and infatuation with all things donkey - but their hearts are captivating in their earnestness for the Lord. This is sure to be a fantastic time!

After the "live version" they'll open the floor for questions and answers about their show: how they do it, why they do it, where they come up with their crazy ideas (though I doubt that there's a logical answer to that one!), etc.

1:00 PM


"The Life of a Christian Teenager"
K-Jay (a prolific 17-year-old national recording artist, magnificent youth leader, songwriter and speaker) will share what it's like as a Christian teenager living among unbelieving teens. He'll also share his life experiences in public high school and how he reaches his peers without driving them away from the Gospel, but rather towards the cross of Jesus Christ. His personal testimony and story of his calling to spread the truth of Jesus Christ at such a young age will touch your heart!

1:45 PM
Finish Line Ministries
Finish Line Ministries


"How Did I Get Here?"
Have you ever experienced that almost surreal feeling while driving when you can’t recall the last few miles, when you ask yourself …. “How did I get here?” It only lasts for a moment, and brings with it feelings of fear and weakness yet strangely sprinkled with a bliss filled ignorance. Many of us experience this feeling at a much more crucial junctures in life, and at those points the important question is not longer 'How Did I Get Here' but 'Where Do I Go From Here?'

2:45 PM
Tha CorinthD:13
Tha CorinthD:13


"The Storm is Over"
Tha CorinthD:13 - born Dwayne Culpepper - will share how God trasnformed his life from that of striving for personal fame and glory, untold hardships and nearly losing his life to finding his life in God.Now a Gospel rapper and entrepreneur for the Lord, Dwayne desires to use his ministry of Gospel Hip Hop to spread the word of the Lord to the lost and hurting.

3:30 PM
Jason DeZurik of Worldview Warriors
Jason DeZurik


"Creation vs Evolution"
Jason, founder of Worldview Warriors, will be speaking on the creation vs evolution debate and then opening up the floor for questions.

4:30 PM
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks


"Secular Song Sermon"
Corey Brooks, youth pastor and lead vocalist for Corey Brooks Band will be sharing his ‘Secular Song Sermon.’  This will encourage and teach Christians how to use the most unpredictable ways to share the Gospel in a very comfortable and relaxed way.  His message will also clearly present the Plan of Salvation to all who attend using songs from today’s top secular artists including Rihanna, Pink, and more!

5:00 PM
Steve Deace
Steve Deace


"Motive Matters Most"
Steve will be sharing about how God blesses our efforts not based on our intentions or results, but based on  our motives for committing to those efforts to begin with, whether those efforts would be our worship, relationships, work, finances, culture, etc. 

*Speakers and schedule subject to change