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Mission 2017 – Day 6

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! We all woke up with great anticipation of the families reaction to seeing their new home for the first time. The whole team worked together to get the final touches done on the house before we gave the keys to the family. Raina’s Church provided the food and our stomachs were growling awaiting the carne asada tacos being made. The moment finally arrived and the family stood at the front door of their new home. Immediately the tears began to flow as we watched the family enter their new home. We celebrated with hugs, food, and fellowship. What an awesome time!!!

We left there and went to visit Obed and Evelyn’s Orphanage and the children all greeted us with hugs and love. Some played with the children while others listened as they shared how this important ministry began. The stories were heart wrenching and we couldn’t help but pray for the Obed, Evelyn, and the children. Shortly after we had a BBQ in the vacant lot near their home inviting the neighborhood. We pulled out the grill and served hotdogs, oranges, bananas, and Barb’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. The children enjoyed a bible lesson with Barb and Donna while coloring the page we taught from. We also handed out jewelry, candy bags, and most importantly Bibles. Many people from the neighborhood showed up and we were able to pray for them. They were so grateful for the food and the gifts. We ended the evening with dinner at Pollo Feliz and a heart felt debrief remembering all the Lord had done. What an amazing day!!!!

Tomorrow we will conclude our trip with a visit to Campo De Fe and shopping in Rosarito. Wooo Hoooo!!!! Please continue to pray for us as we complete our assignments here in TJ.

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