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Mission 2017 – Day 5

Today was a powerful day of ministry. Kayla shared Philippians 1:6 which reminds that God will complete the work he began in us until Jesus comes back for us. Each of us was born on purpose; for a purpose; and with a purpose. So no matter how difficult the task, continue to try and perfect the things you are learning. After breakfast some of us went to the house to continue working and completing our assignment. Others left to get the shopping done for the house and the ministries. Barb and another few on the team stayed back at the base to bake her famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. OH YEAH!!!!!

In the afternoon, several of us got a chance to visit Gracia Misericordia Comedor which is Emmy’s feeding kitchen. Donna gave a lesson while we cooked spaghetti for the children. They had a blast coloring while waiting to be served. We provided the feeding kitchen with many necessary supplies and food. They really enjoyed the oranges, bananas, and cookies as well. We left and went back to the house to clean up and get ready for church.

We attended Pastor Oliver’s Church where Donna and Sebastian gave their testimonies. Their youth ministered during Praise and Worship. You could feel the presence of God fill the room as they were singing. The youngest on their team was 12 years and had a true love for the Father that was just amazing! Sebastian shared how he was the lost sheep spoken of in Luke 15 and how the Father kept him even though he wasn’t following Him. Donna testified of how she had gotten away from following the Lord and struggled believing that the Father would still love her. She reminded us that God is not like man and He will never leave us! She spoke of her great recovery with her relationship with the Lord and how you can do the same thing. Hallelujah!!!!

On tomorrow we will finish the final touches on the house and dedicate it to the Lord. We are so excited to see the looks on their faces when they open the door. Please, don’t forget to continue praying for our safety and that the love of Christ.

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