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Mission 2017 – Day 4

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY SAINTS OF GOD!!!! We began our day with a devotion given by the youngest member of our team, Robert Ousley. He reminded us that Jesus is the greatest love of all. We sang Jesus Loves Me together but changed the words to “Jesus Loves You” as way to remind us of why we are here…to share the love of Jesus. How powerful a message!!!

A good portion of the crew went to continue the work at the job site, while the rest of us visited a new Women’s Rehab Facility. There were about 30 women that we had the chance to minister to and pray for. Mauricio, Heather, Donna, and Terri all shared testimonies. The women were moved to tears as they heard of our own struggles and could identify with them. I believe the Lord broke through to their hearts and they were given the renewed hope that they have been longing for. Right before we left a young lady came asking for prayer because her husband had been killed a week ago and he was still in the morgue because she didn’t have anything to identify him. She couldn’t get in touch with his family because they had moved to Utah and there was no way to reach them. We prayed and asked for the Lord to give us direction on how she could reach the family and to keep her strong so that she didn’t return to using drugs. We all believed that He not only heard our prayer but was answering while we were praying.

Afterwards we went back to the house to finish working on the house while a few members of the team went to shopping for the house and Fiesta. Because of the generous donations of our friends and family we were able to purchase almost every item needed for the home and even things that were necessary but not requested. One of the needs was a sink for the kitchen area and at the last minute, God provided!!! Hallelujah!!! We finished our night with Taco’s by the Kilo and we all made sure to eat a full kilo of tacos! 🙂 What a great day!!!!

Tomorrow we will continue working on the house and serve at the Feeding Kitchen. Then we will have service in the evening with Sister Donna and Brother Sebastian bringing their testimonies. Continue to pray for us as we do the work of the Lord.

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