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Monday, Day 1 of the House Build

BrunchWe start each day of this trip at a 7 am breakfast. We also have a devotion shared by different team members each day. Today Mike and Brianna led the devotions. They shared about the parable of seeds and how each one of us is being used by god. Each day the the Devotions amazingly always seem to apply to the DSCN8797days needs. Mike reminded us of Gods plans are good for us in Jeremiah 29 10-14. His message about being ready and willing to be used for the plans that God has for us helped us all to be ready to start building the home for Ramon and Ana.  Their message about preparing the ground for Gods work was so spot on for our first day of home building. We all desire to be used by God and not left sitting on the sidelines. And there is plenty to be done today for each of us.

We headed out to began construction on the home. The husband, Ramon, met us at the site for their new home and was so grateful that we were there to bless his family. The team prayed together over the land and for us to have a successful day. We thanked God for no injuries in advance and God answered our prayers.

DSCN8806Half of the team worked on painting the siding and trim while the other half completed the frame work. DSCN8814Within an hour the first wall was going up and it was so exciting. We looked over and Anna, Ramon’s wife, was overcome with joy and weeping. Some of the team members surrounded her and loved on her praising the Lord for provision.

Work progressed throughout the morning with the walls going up every hour or so. By DSCN8827lunch we had 3 walls up, a forth wall almost ready to be put up and all of the siding had been painted and a lot of the trim was done. Ana’s five year old daughter, Kathia, came and thanked us for building a home for her. She came and grabbed a paint brush and so willingly helped with the construction in her own five year old way. Other family members joined in to help us as well and we were able to complete a lot of the framework today.  Neighbors looked on in amazement as they watched the love of Jesus in action. What a blessing for us to be able to show the world who Jesus is without words. AMEN!!!!










PIC_0799The team finished the night with tacos at El Mareano’s and ice cream as a reward for working so hard today. Tomorrow we will continue with the construction. Some of the team will take time off to go and assist at a feeding PIC_0803kitchen and others will share a message and pray for some women at a womans rehabilitation center.  Stay tuned to see what the Lord will do to bless the people of Tijuana on tomorrow. Be blessed!


  1. Thanks so much for the updates! We love hearing what the team is doing! Can you share some bigger pictures? Maybe on FB or something? Very hard to see and we want to see a lot of them! Praying every day for protection, wisdom, guidance, strength and for hearts to be changed and encouraged. Both for the team members and people they minister to! So thankful for all of you and what you are doing as well as what God is doing!

    • Check out the media page. It has more photos of each day.


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