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Day 2 of the Tijuana Trip

Sunday, Feb 15th

What a day, We started out the morning by going with Armondo Line-Canaland Amalia to the canals to feed the homeless. When we arrived the line of people seemed to never end. There was a man from another ministry preaching to them while they waited. We joined in on the food preparation with 2 other ministries. This was the first time that we were right in the canals where the people live. There homes are simple, crude and outdoors. We talked with many Canal-Prepare-Fooddifferent people that morning, and one of them decided to come back to the rehab with Armondo when we were all done.

We worked diligently to make sandwiches and then assisted the group with passing out the food and drink. Many of the people went through the line twice. When we finished cleaning up we drove down into the canal and then drove through Group-Canalthe canal until we came to the next exit area and drove back out.

After feeding the homeless we went to Orlondo’s church. Worship was upbeat and loud and we sang chorus’s in Spanish that we were familiar with from our services. Pastor Stephanie gave a spirit filled sermon about Faith and not giving up. God is not finished with us. Afterwards most everyone Preachingcame forward for prayer. We ended up having our lunch at 2:30 and pushing back our birthday party at the Orphanage by an hour and a half. But we were fine with that. After all flexibility is a requirement on missions trips.Prayer

We stopped on our way to the Orphanage to get Ice Cream, Cake and a Pinata for the party. We got to the Orphanage at 5PM and they directors, Obed and Evelyn, were incredibly nice and happy to see us. They knew we were running behind and they couldn’t have been more accommodating. They live in a 4 bedroom house with 19 children ranging in age from 2 to 15.Directors

I personally have been coming on mission trips to Mexico for over 7 years. Many times twice in 1 year. I have been to many different orphanages over these trips and I must say, These children were the most happy, well mannered and loving children I have ever seen. We were welcomed into their home. They showed us there rooms. Boys in one room, Girls in Orphanage-Selfyanother and then 3 teens in the third room. Mom and dad had there own room. Otherwise it was a normal home like any other in Mexico.

We had cake & ice cream, they opened presents, and then there was the pinata, and yes, the kids shared the candy when it broke. But what hit me the hardest, and I must say had me overwhelmed with emotion was George-Kidwhen the kids sang many songs to us and then finished with a prayerful song and came out to us and prayed for us at the end.

I have Never had as much fun as I had at the Orphanage.

We finished out the night at a mens Rehab. George, Mike, and George-RehabJulius shared their testimonies and we all ate some pizza.

All in All a wonderful day.

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  1. such a great blessing all of the team, i Was ministered and motivated to keep going!

    God bless you all

    Pastor Rolando
    comunidad de fe parousia


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